DiSC Facilitators Guides

DiSC Facilitators Guides


If you are looking for a solution to self-manage training for any of the DiSC profiles, purchase any one of the accompanying facilitation kits that allows delivery of easy customizable programs. In addition, for each session held, a Supplement for Facilitators, Group Culture Report, and Team View Report is also available for trainers to have the most comprehensive, in-depth information to conduct a personalized learning experience

Each facilitation kit includes a leader's guide in Word, PowerPoint with embedded video, stand alone video, participant handouts in Word, and supplemental materials. After a kit is purchased, all that is left to do is to ensure each participant takes the on-line assessment prior to the scheduled session.

If you would also like to self-manage this process, contact us today at (716) 681-9988 to learn about our subaccount option. This will give you unlimited access to administer all DiSC reports at your organization.

Everything DiSC Workplace

Everything DiSC Workplace is classroom training that combines engaging facilitation and video with online prework and follow-up tools to create a personalized learning experience. Using a research-validated learning model, participants understand and appreciate the styles of people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationships.

Everything DiSC Sales

Have your sales team make a direct impact to your bottom line with Everything DiSC Sales. Tap into the power of this customizable training solution to help sales professionals effectively recognize and adapt their customers' unique buying styles - and close more sales.  Everything DiSC Sales puts the power of the dynamic Everything DiSC model into the hands of salespeople and provides a dynamic tool for learning how to create customer-centric interactions that deliver improved results.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders

Set the pace as a leading consultant, coach, or training professional with this powerful approach to developing effective leaders. Using the latest research into leadership best practices, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® connects unique leadership styles to real-world demands, focusing on the tangible steps leaders can take to effectively move an organization forward.

Everything DiSC Management

The Everything DiSC Management offers a customizable development solution proven to increase the effectiveness of anyone in a management role - whether managing direct reports or the relationship with their own manager. A complete program of classroom training, on-line pre-work and follow up focuses learning in five key areas.

Everything DiSC® Facilitation System

Everything DiSC® Facilitation System

The Everything DiSC® Facilitation System is the most powerful tool ever built to help you succeed with DiSC. The result of over 25 years of DiSC research, the Everything DiSC Facilitation System offers a new versatility in crafting solutions for a wide variety of organizational issues.

Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator's Kit

Personal Listening Profile® Facilitator's Kit

The Facilitator Kit includes classroom training lesson plans in a modular format, allowing you to customize your program to include only lessons relevant to your training need to assist in your communications training programs.

Time Mastery Profile® Facilitator Kit

Time Mastery Profile® Facilitator Kit

The Facilitator's Kit includes practical tips to help employees improve their time-management skills in 12 key categories. Written for all levels of the organization, the Time Mastery Profile and training session will teach all individuals on how to maximize their output daily.

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