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Career Management: Your Talent Map

For today’s organizations, it is about lifetime employability not lifetime employment. Learn how to clarify your skills, values, and interests to discover your true calling and take charge of your career. Individuals will learn how to better manage career development discussions and treat their career as if they were the CEO of a company so their fullest potential can be reached.

Change Management

A key competency for all practitioners is the ability to anticipate, react, and respond to change.  Discover your threshold for change and learn techniques to better manage and cope with the unpredictable.  You will discover why change is difficult for you and what you do can do to improve your effectiveness, tolerance and acceptance of change when it impacts you.


Coaching & Counseling

Great coaches are at the heart of great learning organizations.  Learn how to develop people, bring out the best in all employees and gain confidence in coaching and counseling techniques. You will learn how to plan and conduct effective sessions and deliver powerful feedback that helps individuals grow to reach their fullest potential.

Coaching For Performance

When managers understand how to coach effectively, an individual can reach their peak performance. Learn how to coach effectively for all situations and remain K.A.L.M through all interactions so you can maximize employee's contributions and create a high performing team.

Communicating Effectively with Cultural, Generational & Gender Differences

How can you best communicate with individuals that are different from you?  Discover the values, characteristics and motivations for all of the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. Discover how to  communicate effectively with individuals who view the world differently then you to build healthier and effective relationships.

Conflict Management

No one likes conflict but it is a real issue that all professionals must deal with during various times of their career.  This session will help individuals better manage difficult individuals, confront challenging situations more effectively, and learn coping techniques to minimize the negative impact when two parties don't agree.  

Crisis Management

What if the unexpected happens?  Professionals will learn steps to formulate a crisis management plan to prepare for any critical incident that could interrupt and impact normal day-to-day business.

Customer Relations Management

Take customer satisfaction to the next level. Professionals will review the customer service model and how to respond to customers' needs by focusing on what they need.  Individuals will learn how to improve service performance by focusing on how to best serve customers and implementing processes to build long-lasting partnerships.

Customer Service Basics

At the heart of every great organization is the people. Regardless of industry, sector, or types of products and services that your organization provides, customer service is all about employees helping people. This session will teach fundamental character principles so customers always feel welcome, are treated with respect, and have an exceptional service experience everytime they do business with your company.

Customer Service: A Brand Experience

Professionals in this thought provoking session will explore their company's brand and branded customer service levels to ensure customers are getting best in class experiences. Branded customer service is primed to give a company the competitive edge and ensure employees are best in class when it comes to delivering exceptional service.

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"Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it."


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