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Dealing with the Difficult

Irate customers are an unfortunate fact of life.  This program will help you deal with the difficult customer and how to react and respond accordingly.  Taking a look at why customers get angry in the first place, actions of personnel, management policies, and structure of service will be analyzed to identify why your customers get upset and what can be done to eliminate these situations.

Delivering Effective Feedback

Employees need to know how they are doing at all times so they can continue to grow and provide the best value to the organization.  Providing feedback regularly is one of the most important jobs of a manager. In this session, managers will learn the art of providing effective and valuable feedback so employees can be engaged and committed to continuous improvement.

Difficult Conversations

When the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions start to run strong, casual conversations become crucial.  This workshop will outline simple steps on how to have a difficult conversation with clarity and confidence and how to manage upward.

DiSC For Managing Results

In this session, managers will use the DiSC behavioral profile and supplemental management assessments to understand their primary management style to maximize their effectiveness, positively impact group culture, and to understand how to motivate and influence others. 

DiSC for Professional Development

The most successsful individuals are the ones who understand themselves, how their behavior affects others, their reactions to other people, and how to adapt in all contexts.  Professionals will receive a personalized DiSC assessment that will reveal their natural behaviors when dealing with others and learn how to communicate more effectively to create healthier relationships.

DiSC For Sales & Customer Service

In today's competitive marketplace, success in selling is more challenging and requires a higher level of skill.  Customers want caring service along with top quality products.  They want friendly, honest relationships with their sales professional, and they want custom-made solutions to their short and long-term problems.  This DiSC sales session teaches professionals how to connect better with their customers by understanding their customer's DiSC buying styles and adapting their styles to meet their customer's needs.

Quote of the Month

"Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it."


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