Appropriate Structure for Presentations: Secret 2

The WOW Factor - 7 Secrets to Great Presentations provides a comprehensive approach on how to deliver the most effective presentations. In this one of a kind encompassing guide, Lori Miller provides a step-by-step approach on how to present with confidence and credibility. This two-hour session focuses on Chapter Two - The Secret behind having the right format and structure so you know how to present your material effectively. 

Be a Better Communicator

Human Resources professionals say that 80% of the people who fail at their job do so for one reason – they don’t relate well to other people. Powerful communication skills can make a positive difference in a person’s personal and professional success.  Learn the six w's of effective communication to maximize your credibility, improve your performance and build better relationships with others.

Business Writing

Take the pain out of business writing by learning how to write more effectively. By using a process, understanding your reader and discovering standard writing principles, you will learn to write in less time and with more power.  Key principles reviewed will include how to write effectively, learning an effective business writing model for all deliverables, how to write with the reader in mind, and appropriate spelling, punctuation and grammar usage.

Communicating Effectively with Cultural, Generational & Gender Differences

How can you best communicate with individuals that are different from you?  Discover the values, characteristics and motivations for all of the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. Discover how to  communicate effectively with individuals who view the world differently then you to build healthier and effective relationships.

Difficult Conversations

When the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions start to run strong, casual conversations become crucial.  This workshop will outline simple steps on how to have a difficult conversation with clarity and confidence and how to manage upward.

DiSC for Professional Development

The most successsful individuals are the ones who understand themselves, how their behavior affects others, their reactions to other people, and how to adapt in all contexts.  Professionals will receive a personalized DiSC assessment that will reveal their natural behaviors when dealing with others and learn how to communicate more effectively to create healthier relationships.

E-Mail Management

During this two-hour class, individuals will learn how to maximize their productivity by managing e-mail more effectively. Individuals will learn how to change their current mindset and habits that are actually counterproductive to their productivity. Several key actions will be reviewed that will save time and help better manage the flow and efficiency of  incoming and outgoing mail. 

Facilitation Skills

For any educator or trainer, it is always difficult to keep audience members engaged, active and responsive throughout the entire learning session. In this session, individuals will learn the art of effective facilitation skills by discovering new techniques for delivery, how to ensure material retention, and how to create the most effective climate for learning.

Improving Your Verbal Skills

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore the process of communication by taking a Communication Effectiveness Profile that will measure their effectiveness in seven competencies. Strategies and exercises will be used to increase awareness and abilities in verbal effectiveness to build better rapport with others.

Influencing and Persuading Others

What influences individuals? Understanding facts about motivation, human behavioral principles, emotional triggers, and different influencing styles, will be powerful tools to assist professionals with getting others to cooperate and comply to requests. This session will help individuals become more self aware of their influencing tendencies and the six weapons of influence to become more persuasive in all interactions with others.

Negotiations: Get to Win-Win Agreements

The ability to negotiate and influence others is a powerful leadership skill. In trying to get to a win-win agreement in all situations, it will require a special type of communication. This session will help professionals understand the ingredients for successful negotiations by becoming a skilled persuasive communicator and learning a successful process to use everytime.

Powerful Messaging: How to Effectively Communicate the Value of Your Business

You only have one shot to make a good first impression. Whether you are trying to build rapport or promote a business, powerful language and content will be the key to success.  In all of our daily business interactions, we need to have clarity in who we are, what makes us unique, and why someone needs what we do. In this two-hour session learn the secrets to making a connection and winning over others every time!

Professional Excellence

Good manners promote good business. They may not be listed in a job description but they do play a crucial role in a person's success and in the reputation of the organization as a whole.  Business etiquette is the way professional people conduct themselves around others.  It relies on tradition, social expectations, and behavioral standards.  Employees that know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, will have a competitive edge in their careers and help build better long-lasting relationships.  

Public Speaking

The top three fears for most people are public speaking, going to the dentist and dying. For most professionals, having the ability to speak in front of an audience is critical to their success and credibility. Learn how to alleviate fears, build confidence and apply simple techniques to both the preparation and delivery of a presentation to become a powerful speaker for any engagement.

Technical Business Writing

In this full day session, individuals will develop their writing skills to become more proficient in creating technical documents.  Individuals will learn how to identify and prioritize key information and use a managerial format to ensure all details are recorded properly. Style guidelines will be reviewed and "reporters'' will discover how to write a clear, concise and correct document every time! 

Quote of the Month

"Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it."


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