Change Management

A key competency for all practitioners is the ability to anticipate, react, and respond to change.  Discover your threshold for change and learn techniques to better manage and cope with the unpredictable.  You will discover why change is difficult for you and what you do can do to improve your effectiveness, tolerance and acceptance of change when it impacts you.


Crisis Management

What if the unexpected happens?  Professionals will learn steps to formulate a crisis management plan to prepare for any critical incident that could interrupt and impact normal day-to-day business.

Empower Yourself to Get Ahead

Does everyone in your organization accept personal responsibility for actions and behaviors? Do you attend meetings where nothing ever gets accomplished? Is there a disconnect between what is expected and what actually gets done? In this session, an approach will be revealed that will improve individual and organizational performance by building an accountable culture, uncovering sources of power, and teaching individuals on how to communicate upward and laterally.

Finding Balance

As women, there is a tremendous burden on living up to the expectation of being the consummate nurturer.  However, in getting caught up in that role, many times women fail to nurture the most important role in their life and that is to themselves.  This session will help women find better balance in life by reflecting on what is important to them and providing strategies to set appropriate goals that will assist in their journey to happiness and success.

Innovation at Work

Looking for ways to breakthrough old ways of doing things? Through this session, professionals will find the courage to take risks, discover new ways for breaking mental barriers, and learn how to unleash the creative potential for themselves and their team to produce better results.

Leadership Fundamentals

What does it take to lead? Leadership is about vision and the ability to inspire others. Regardless of your role in the organization, this session will teach individuals the principles of what it takes to be an effective leader, the seven essential leadership competencies and how to execute each to have power in all situations.


Standout for Success

Create a team that truly stands out.  Participants will receive a copy of the book StandOut and take an on-line assessment prior to the course. Individuals will discover their top two strengths and learn how to harness these unique and natural talents to help them thrive and excel at work.

Strategic Leadership Retreat

All organizations need effective leaders so goals and objectives can be achieved. It is important to bring an executive team together to evaluate the current work environment, assess the organizational realities and look for opportunities to enhance the culture so maximum output can be achieved. This customized facilitated session provides a unique opportunity to bring your team together and create a model for a successful future.

Strategy Execution

An organization without strategy will just spin aimlessly. High performing companies are ones that know their purpose, know why they exist, and know how they are going to fulfill their promises to customers.  In this all encompassing session, a team will be guided to create the organizational strategy, develop organizational processes, and identify appropriate execution solutions so excellence can be achieved.

Strengths Based Leadership

Find your strengths! Truly successful individuals are ones who identify what they like to do, find positions that take advantage of their talents and learn to manage tasks that energize versus drains.  In this session, participants will utilize the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Profile to explain who they are, what they are naturally wired to do, and how to best capitalize on the talents of the entire team.

Time Management

Are you having a tough time managing all of your roles and responsibilities? Are you continually dealing with crises and interruptions? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you wish you had more time? Today's busy professional is required to do more and with less resources. The new normal is managing chaos. Learn how to break out of this pattern and take back control to maximize what you can accomplish on any given day.

Quote of the Month

"Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it."


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