Coaching & Counseling

Great coaches are at the heart of great learning organizations.  Learn how to develop people, bring out the best in all employees and gain confidence in coaching and counseling techniques. You will learn how to plan and conduct effective sessions and deliver powerful feedback that helps individuals grow to reach their fullest potential.

Coaching For Performance

When managers understand how to coach effectively, an individual can reach their peak performance. Learn how to coach effectively for all situations and remain K.A.L.M through all interactions so you can maximize employee's contributions and create a high performing team.

Delivering Effective Feedback

Employees need to know how they are doing at all times so they can continue to grow and provide the best value to the organization.  Providing feedback regularly is one of the most important jobs of a manager. In this session, managers will learn the art of providing effective and valuable feedback so employees can be engaged and committed to continuous improvement.

DiSC For Managing Results

In this session, managers will use the DiSC behavioral profile and supplemental management assessments to understand their primary management style to maximize their effectiveness, positively impact group culture, and to understand how to motivate and influence others. 

Employee Engagement

One of the most challenging issues for organizations is having employees who are disengaged. When we have checked out employees, turnover is high, employee morale is low, and there is a significant cost to the organization. However, when we have a team of engaged employees, those who truly care about their work and enjoy making a contribution daily, we have high performance and profitability.


Management Fundamentals

A variety of skill sets are needed to transition from a technical role to a managerial role.  This session focuses on the skill sets necessary to make a successful transition. Participants will learn about management skill competencies, behaviors necessary for developing people, how to respond effectively to various situations, and how to transform their role from technician to manager. 

Managing Day-to-Day Performance

As a manager, the level of quality and production of your team is ultimately your responsibility.  In order to help your employees reach their fullest potential, you need to understand the daily critical factors that impact success. By helping your employees grow, setting expectations and creating a culture of accountability, you can create the right environment that maximizes output.

Meeting Management

Attending and facilitating meetings is a requirement for most professionals. However, many times meetings are a complete waste of time because they aren't producing the right results. In this session, participants will learn positive ways to manage the meeting process and come to effective agreements between individuals and groups to overcome the trap of moving in directions that are counter-productive to the group's overall purpose.

Motivating Employees & Improving Performance

Managing employee performance is the process of creating a work environment in which people are able to perform in their jobs. The gap between your team's current potential performance lies in how you create a culture for performance-based behavior. Discover the motivators for employees, the five key actions you can do to create a high-performing team and how to hold individuals accountable by developing an effective reward and consequences management system.

New Supervisory Certification Program

Get the tools and knowledge needed to transition from a technical to supervisory role. Learn the skill competencies necessary for gaining respect and trust and how to be prepared for all the additional tasks that are in aligned with this new level of responsibility. In this two-day program, new supervisors will be given the tools and knowledge needed to make their transition a smooth and productive one.

Quote of the Month

"Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it."


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