Team Roles

Team Roles

Program Overview

This session is designed for intact teams to participate together.  The class will challenge a team to work effectively together in a dynamic, interactive environment.

Using the Team Dimensions Profile, professionals will receive a personalized assessment to better understand their unique talents and the abilities of others. Identifying specific team roles and preferences will help the group create, refine, advance, and implement new ideas so projects and initiatives can be developed and implemented effectively.

Participants Will Learn

  • The approach they use on a team and their most comfortable role.
  • How to develop strategies that will help individuals work on a team to create, refine, advance, and implement new ideas.
  • How to determine effective ways to balance, integrate and capitalize on the different strengths of each team member to achieve organizational goals.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Innovation Dilemma

Lesson 2: The Team Dimensions Process

Lesson 3: Dealing with Our Differences


For a more detailed Course Outline, contact us.

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