Coaching Process

Coaching Process


When we think of a coach, we generally visualize an individual in a baseball cap, wearing a stopwatch and a dangling whistle. Coaching is not just for sports. It is a process that can be very effective to enhance our personal lives and professional careers.

Coaching Categories

Depending upon an individual’s specific goals, there are two different types of coaching options available. In addition, the frequency and amount of sessions will vary based on scope of what needs to be addressed. Each coaching session is one and a half hours in length. Cost per session is $250.

  • Executive Coaching tailors to the corporate and professional elite by improving leadership skills, understanding organizational challenges, and developing a healthy work-life balance.
  • Career Coaching focuses on creating a career plan, achieving success in the current business environment, and guidance to reach career aspirations.

By engaging in this process, an individual will clarify challenges, explore ideas and discuss options for the best path to growth. This will be accomplished through two phases of self-awareness and exploration.

Self-Awareness includes:

  • Completion of appropriate assessments and profiles.
  • Identification of desired outcomes and goals.
  • Development of a clear and specific action plan.


Self-Exploration includes:

  • For each identified area of growth, a session will be dedicated to improving skills in that area.
  • Using resources and feedback coaching, each skill and behavioral competency will be developed.
  • Strategies for direct implementation will be managed for each session.


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