Business Writing

Business Writing

Program Overview

Writing clear and concise documents is a business necessity. Regardless of role within an organization, having effective writing skills is crucial to professional success. Individuals with learn the five rules to better business writing to take their writing skills to the next level.

Individuals will also learn how to hone their writing skills in order to best ensure that their message is received their intention is communicated.

Participants Will Learn

  • How to write as a reader-centered process.
  • How to develop quality writing standards.
  • How to write clear, concise, and correct written deliverables.
  • How to write effective documents and e-mails.
  • About appropriate grammar and style.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction to Writing Process

Lesson 2: Planning Your Document

Lesson 3: Developing Your Document

Lesson 4: Revising Your Document

Lesson 5: Business Correspondence


For a more detailed Course Outline, contact us.

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