Customer Service: a Brand Experience

Customer Service
Customer Service: a Brand Experience

Program Overview

A brand is a unique identity.  It is a combination of a company’s advertising slogan, product, service, people, leadership, profitability, and physical properties.  

What is branded service? It is a strategic and organized way that employees deliver on experiences that magnify brand promises throughout all levels of the organization.

It is creating an experience for customers that create brand engagement, emotional connection, and commitment.  This session will enable professionals to look at their company’s brand and what role they play in assuring customer promises and expectations are met.

Participants Will Learn

  • How to identify and clarify a company brand.
  • How to develop steps to ensure organizational culture impacts positive branded service delivery for internal and external customers.
  • How to review current customer service practices to ensure the brand is integrated throughout all aspects of the business.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Identifying Your Brand

Lesson 2: Branded Customer Service

Lesson 3: The Customer Service Model


For a more detailed Course Outline, contact us.

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