Disc for Sales and Customer Service

Customer Service
Disc for Sales and Customer Service

Program Overview

The Sales DiSC profile provides a computer generated report that gives the sales professional a broad understanding of his/her natural style and how to adapt a specific sales style to give customers what they want.

Participants Will Learn

  • About the four basic approaches to selling and identify their most natural approach to selling.
  • Which approach is most appropriate for each style and discover the similarities and differences among selling styles.
  • How preferences drive buying behaviors and discover effective techniques for selling to people with differing styles.
  • That customers have diverse needs and learn to adapt communication to build the trust needed to gain commitment for the sale.
  • Develop selling strategies and action plans for adapting to different customers’ styles.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding the Selling Approach

Lesson 2: Recognizing the Styles of Others

Lesson 3: Increasing Effectiveness with Customers

Lesson 4: Increasing Effectiveness in Sales


For a more detailed Course Outline, contact us.

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