Delivering Effective Feedback

Delivering Effective Feedback

Program Overview

Part of the role of an effective manager is to help employees reach their fullest potential.  Employees need to know how they are doing at all times so they can continue to grow and provide best value to the organization.

In this session, managers will learn the art of providing valuable feedback so employees can be committed to continuous improvement.


Participants Will Learn

  • How to communicate effectively by articulating the three “C’s” of effective communication and how to send positive non-verbal messaging.
  • The six active listening steps that will ensure effective responsiveness.
  • How to differentiate between a behavior and a label.
  • When presented with a situation, be able to apply the Start, Stop, Continue method for addressing issues with employees.
  • How to apply the B. E. E. R. model to deal with poor performers and performance issues.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understand How We Communicate

Lesson 2: Prepare Yourself

Lesson 3: Deliver Feedback Effectively

Lesson 4: Overcome Objections & Resistance


For a more detailed Course Outline, contact us.

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