New Supervisory Certification Program

New Supervisory Certification Program

Program Overview

Transitioning from a technical to supervisory role for the first time can be challenging.  Getting the work done changes from doing it yourself to delegating it to others and managing that process.  

This program will help the new supervisor in setting and achieving goals and discover how to effectively oversee the work of others.

Participants Will Learn

  • How to get the best results from their management approach.
  •  How to establish credibility for self and consistent behavior for others.
  • How to improve habits by setting priorities and understanding barriers.
  • How to delegate and help employees to grow and develop.
  • How to give effective feedback and make the right decisions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Transition from Technician to Team Lead

Lesson 2: Building Trust

Lesson 3: Getting Results

Lesson 4: Successful Delegation

Lesson 5: Effective Feedback and Decision-Making


For a more detailed Course Outline, contact us.

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