Discovering What Makes You Happy

News Discovering What Makes You Happy
Discovering What Makes You Happy November 26, 2018

There comes a point in all of our lives when we feel emotionally and physically drained. We are on this rat race managing all of our daily responsibilities but at the end of the day we are wishing that we can free ourselves of this insanity.

So what are we searching for? All of us are in a quest for happiness. However, some choices we have made in the past, get us to where we are today. At the time those choices seemed right – career, relationships, financial, or problem-solving.

But over time those decisions no longer satisfy us or there were consequences to making those choices that were unforeseen. Now we are stuck in a place that we want to free ourselves from.

We all know how to unleash happiness in our lives but we fail to do so because of one thing – resistance. We don’t like our job but it is easier to stay at this place than invest time to look for another one. We are in a hurtful relationship but we won’t let go of the person or address the issues causing our miserableness. We made a bad decision and our ego gets in the way of admitting our faults and apologizing for the error.

Each of us needs to stop resisting happiness. It takes courage and honesty to self reflect on what is destroying our happiness and the people, things, behaviors and experiences that provide joy.

So make your list: identify what and who brings you pleasure and what and who brings you pain. Then with discipline and focus make those changes in your life. Remember, happiness is a choice and every moment of our life is a chance to turn our lives around for the better!

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