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Watch Out For Blind Spots November 5, 2018

Back in January I committed this year to being “mindful.” My daily mantra in 2018 would help me stay focused, be present, and provide clarity for making better choices in the moment.

I wish I could say that this word was my saving grace. While it helped guide a course for positive action, at times I veered off track because I forgot one thing – a blind spot.

When words are not in alignment with our actions, something is driving our behavior. Many of us don’t understand the why for our patterns because they are hidden deep within us and surface when we are trying to protect ourselves.

Kelly Boys in her book”The Blind Spot Effect” defines blind spots as “unconscious impulses, fueled by emotions and beliefs, that create habit-building patterns in relationship to ourselves and others.”

I was recently coaching a client, who was sharing what happened during several recent “ugly” meetings. She has been focused on improving her leadership skills, however something has been derailing her success. As we dug deeper into her reactions, she stopped in mid sentence. She stated, “OMG – I don’t like feeling stupid.”

There it was – her blind spot. Because we can’t see them, they are hard to detect. However, when we are aware of their existence, we can catch ourselves from falling into our own misguided trap.

So while you still want to pay attention to growth areas, simultaneously be aware of what sets you off. In doing so you will be able to change your path from blindness to mindfulness.

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