A Disciplined Path for Relationships

News A Disciplined Path for Relationships
A Disciplined Path for Relationships July 9, 2018

Each year Americans spend 300 billion dollars on diet products. They do this thinking that these products will quickly make them thin, which in turn, will make them happy. But when trying to lose weight, there are no quick fixes. It requires a lot of hard work – regular exercise, eating right, and a commitment to a plan.

But just like anything in life, there are no shortcuts to getting what we want. Only through discipline can we get the results we are seeking, whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle or having positive relationships.

According to vocabulary.com discipline is a verb that means “to develop behavior by instruction and practice.” When you have discipline, you have self-control. And self-control is a gift we give ourselves that can help us with all situations.

How disciplined are you? Can you control your temper when a person sets you off? Are you patient with a demanding customer? Do you think before you speak?

Our life is full of relationships that make us either happy or miserable. It is only through the practice of self-awareness and self-control will we ever be able to build healthy partnerships. Here is a plan to help:

  • Elongate your fuse. People with short fuses are oblivious to the long-term impact of their short reactionary responses. The longer the fuse, the better the relationship will be in your life.
  • Know your temperament. Each of us has a temper. Identify your triggers and what sets you off. Once you know your tolerance level, you will be more equipped to balance your energy and know what level of self-control you need to exert in that specific situation.
  • Control your impulses. When someone does something that offends, irritates or upsets us, our immediate response is usually an emotional outburst. Control that urge to react. Instead get your emotions under control so you can respond logically to the event.

Make it a habit today to practice self-discipline and you will be on the path to have relationships that give you what you want and need!

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