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Savor the Moment July 8, 2016

In May we see third graders making their First Communion; students graduating from college; colleagues retiring from work; and a trainer publishing her first book!

So what do all of these things have in common?Accomplishment! Life is made up of little moments of success that shape who we are and what we become. However, when we have these moments of achievement, many times we do not take the time to reflect on the journey and what was learned along the way.

We have spent so much energy getting to this goal that we sometimes forget the most important part – savoring the moment. We quickly move on to our next challenge not taking the time to reflect on what we just experienced. All of our achievements, no matter how big or small, come with valuable lessons. The good and poor choices we’ve made along the way that provided the perspective and even inspiration to keep us moving forward.

Think about what you have accomplished this month, it can be anything you are proud of. Take a moment to reflect by asking yourself these questions:

  • What was the biggest lesson I learned through the process?
  • What were some of the mistakes/failures I incurred along the way?
  • What positive choices did I make that helped me get here?
  • Who helped and supported me along the way?
  • What will this achievement allow me to do in the future?

Take the time to celebrate the event, you deserve it! But don’t forget to evaluate. By pausing to digest the experience, who knows what greater ones will lie in your future.

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