To See or Not to See

News To See or Not to See
To See or Not to See September 13, 2015

To a nearsighted person, most of the visible world is out of focus. Every morning brings that moment of waking to blurred lines, soft edges, and colors blended with shadows. Finally, clarity comes only after clumsily fumbling for the glasses on the nightstand.

Our focus in life though is not just about vision. As the definition states: Focus–a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity.

I’m sure we can relate to conversing with someone and not hearing one word they said or driving home and seriously not remembering which route we took to get there.  At the office, a looming deadline may impair our ability to focus in on the important key details of the project.

At these times in our lives when we are overwhelmed, it is important to ask ourselves why we are doing the things we are doing. What tasks/activities specifically do we need to accomplish? And which of these need to get done first?

Begin this process by prioritizing.  Consciously focus the mind on what is in the forefront, blocking out all other thoughts that creep in, and zero in on that key activity or goal.  Once we prioritize, we must stay in the moment and eliminate as many distractions as possible.

If you start to feel anxiety or confusion, take 10 deep breaths, channeling all your energy there. Once you get enough oxygen and clear the clutter out of your head, you will have the perspective and patience to zone in on that one thought or activity at hand.

Train your brain to focus and remain engaged, shifting seamlessly from one completed task to the next. You will be amazed in the vision and clarity you will have to navigate your day both wisely and productively.

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