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Word Power November 7, 2014

Words are powerful. They can raise you up; they can tear you down.  Just as important as what you say to others is what you say to yourself, your inner dialogue.  As we reach the end of the first month of a new year, how are you doing on any new year’s resolutions or commitments? If you haven’t made any yet or have already veered off the path, try this simple concept to get you on track to be the best version of you in 2014.

Find one word that can be your mantra daily. One word that can help you stay focused on your goals and objectives.  For example, the word I have chosen is “calm”.   This year I am simplifying things to minimize the chaos of life by marrying my mantra ~”calm”~ with one specific goal in each of my emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual buckets.  This one word helps me maintain balance, keep perspective, and foster growth in each area.

Emotionally:  When I am emotionally challenged in a relationship that I am trying to nurture, I say to myself mentally “calm” before I start the dialogue.

Physically:  When I am rushing to the gym, I stop, take 10 deep breaths before entering the workout room, and mentally repeat the word “calm”.  This transition allows my mind and body to focus on my workout and not the stress of the day.

Intellectually:  When I am reading, my intellectual exercise of choice, I create an environment of “calm”—cup of hot tea, soft lighting, comfy clothes, relaxing chair with ottoman —so that all my surroundings embody my mantra and I am “calm”.

Spiritually:  When I attend church or meditate, I  pray for “calm”—peace of mind, body,and soul so I can better serve people.

So choose one word or mantra to help you change your inner dialogue.  Keep it simple, keep it positive, and keep your commitments to become the best version of you.

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