Awareness is the Key to Success

News Awareness is the Key to Success
Awareness is the Key to Success July 6, 2018

Awareness is the first step to helping us better understand why we feel the way we do, why we behave the way we do, and what is preventing us from growth and change.

Having clarity about ourselves, our strengths, our natural behavioral tendencies, and what we want out of life and why we want it, will help us set and achieve realistic goals.  Get started with our Top Five Identification List:

  1. Identify talents and abilities.  What can you do just naturally?
  2. Identify which tasks energize you and which drain you throughout the day.
  3. Identify people you enjoy spending time with and their qualities you admire.
  4. Identify situations in your life when you were most happy and when you were most miserable.  What were the contexts of those situations?
  5. Identify your values.  What is most important to you (relationships, family, career)?  If you lost everything else in life but you still had those things, you would still feel truly blessed.

(To learn more about this topic check out our Strengths Based Leadership training.)

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