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Be Thankful July 5, 2018

Ten years ago, I was at a crossroad in my career.  Working in the corporate arena, I was put in a challenging position of choosing between 1) staying at a company that was forcing me to relocate or move into a different role or 2) find a new job.

I can still recall the effects of that stress: difficulty breathing on my way to work, sleepless nights, questioning everyday decisions, coping with relationship conflict,  and feeling like I was trapped in a cage. I was sad, hurt, confused, and scared. During that time I did much soul searching and realized that I had two choices–play victim or take charge.

Somehow through the darkness I found the courage and strength to quit my job to start my own training and development company.  I took charge of my life choosing a path where I could follow my dreams.

As I reflect on that time, I realize what a blessing that crossroad was for me.  Without that situation, I would have never taken this road, “the one less traveled by”[Robert Frost], to get me on this path of today following my true passion.

All of us face adversity, loss, and difficult situations on the road of life.  It is only through this adversity that we truly find an inner strength to grow beyond what we even thought we were capable of achieving.  So be thankful even during times of great change as it will always take you to a new place–one that is even brighter and better than your past.

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