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Clarifying Values July 2, 2018

With reality shows and political rhetoric dominating our media, the question of why people make certain decisions that are morally correct while others do not seems a poignant one. We’ve all heard a news story and had a “what on earth were they thinking?” reaction.  The reason being – our value system.

What exactly are values? When we reference “value” we describe the preciousness of something.  While “values” are the principles or beliefs that are important to us.  For example, if we value trust in a relationship, our principles relevant to this belief could include being open, honest, and transparent.

So where do our values come from? They have been shaped by our upbringing, community, role-models, and life experiences.

Why are values important?  Values are a moral compass that give us direction to align our actions to our beliefs. They help us make the right decisions and give us guidance when we are at a crossroad in life.  Much conflict also results from differences in value systems.  If we know our values and make our choices based on them, it is then clear to us what we can or cannot compromise when resolving disagreements.

Our values may change as we progress through the seasons of life.  What was important at age 20 may no longer be important at age 45.  Take a moment to evaluate your values. Identify what is truly important to you and set goals that will help you feel fulfilled. Clearly defining or redefining your values now can guide you onto a path of success and reduce the possibility of “what on earth was I thinking?” circumstances in the future.

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